The Front Porch Project
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The Front Porch Project – is a big fuck you in the face of social distancing.  

I know I already emailed you once today. I'm sorry about that.  But this gold nugget was too good to wait another week to send out.  People are struggling and I want to help.

There's a lot of businesses shutting down – some of them possibly for good.  People are scared and wondering how they're going to put food on the table. 

... I get it. 

I'm a single mom who doesn't qualify for any of the government funding that's coming out to help support our communities. 

I. Get. It.

Photographers, like anyone else, are trying to find unique ways of bringing in money or helping the community.

I feel for you.  I see you.  

Photographers are not deemed essential, therefore shouldn't be working.  Not even in a charitable capacity. 

And honestly, nothing says "there's nothing to worry about" than people finding loopholes in the system showing up on people's doorsteps to take some photos.  

I'm not on board with it.  I don't agree with it.  I think you should avoid it. 

Now, before you get all fierce and feisty with me ... I do think this is a good idea in the right context.

If you're a photographer, here's what I recommend:

1.  Put together a short 1-2 page lead magnet on how to pose your family for fun photographs. 

  • Give them tips on how to put together a quick and easy home-lighting set up.
  • Bonus points for dedicating a section to the kids.  Let's turn their nervous energy into something creative.
  • There's enough pictures without mom in them ... it's time to make her center stage in a few.

2.  Drop it on your site and have people opt-in for it.  Now you're contributing to something good and you're working towards ensuring you have a business to come back to when this is all over.

3.  Create a blog post and social media post taking a hard stand on The Front Porch Project. 

  • Don't get nasty but don't retreat out of fear of pissing someone off.  
  • You WANT to get people a little riled up.  
  • Will there be people who don't agree with you?  Yep.  Forget them.
  • Worry about the folks who will be cheering you on.  
  • They'll be sharing that post and blog all over town (free publicity for you!) and you'll be building your list.  


4.  Create an offer. 

Let's face it. The Front Porch Project is a super cute idea when you take the whole deadly virus thing out of it.  Tell people that. 

Show them examples (go take some pictures of your own kids out there). 

Make them an introductory offer where they can purchase the package now and deliver on the session later.

Another WIN-WIN situation.

Folks get a great deal from you by buying them now, and you can get some much needed cash flow into your business while you're waiting things out.

I think I'd be writing for hours if I tried to put all the different ideas I have about this into this email.  That's way too much.

So I'll leave it there.  If you have more questions, you can always hit reply and ask me.

5.  If you don't have anything in place for emailing folks, or putting this together, here's what I'd recommend:

  • Use Active Campaign - you'll thank me for it later.  Simple, powerful.
  • Use Canva to create your Lead Magnet PDF.  Simple, beautiful.

*yes that's an affiliate link for Active Campaign. I'll make, like, 40 cents when you sign up for their $9 level and go past their 14-day trial.  It's also what I use to deliver my emails to you.

6.  If technology really isn't your thing or you just want to get up and running faster, click here to grab my Start-Up Navigator because it has all of the essential automations you should be using plus a pre-written welcome series of emails.  You literally can't get any faster than that.  

OK, I've got to make dinner for the fam so I'm out for today.  It'll be interesting to see who among my photography friends will take action the quickest on this.  I'll be honest though – locally, they tend to procrastinate on what they need to do instead of focusing on how to move forward.  

Talk later!


P.S.  If you're a photographer and you buy the Start-Up Navigator, let me know and I'll make sure you're up and running in less than 24 hours with some extra 1:1 help at no extra charge.

P.P.S.  If you know of any photographers, could you pass this along to them?  I really do think it's an amazing opportunity for them to have some cash interjected into their business right now.  You'll be a hero!

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